Referee Corner

Referee Information


 Merrimack Youth Association 

  • All youth referees working with the MYA, must be 12 years of age, a Merrimack resident and be certified by the State of New Hampshire with a “grade 8” patch.  Each year the referee will need to re-certify with the State by attending an In-Service Training (IST) course. 
  • NEW REFs- go to  to see a list of entry level classes and dates with locations.  
  • REFS looking for IST to obtain their next season patch, log into to see a list of classes. 
  • Your State issued patch follows the calendar year.  They expire on 12/31 of each year.
  • A grade 8 patch allows you to referee as either a Center Ref or an Assistant Referee for all Recreational games.
  •  MYA Rec League utilizes the Gotsoccer Program to assign referees.  Keep all personal information accurate on this site, this information is used to issue checks and send emails. 
  •  After you select a league or tournament the Assignor will be notified of your interest in working as a Referee and your preferences as well as your availability. 
  •  Not all leagues and tournaments use the Gotsoccer program, you will have to do some research to find others outside of Merrimack Rec.
  • To create your Referee account go to officials – referees and login or create an account.
  • All Merrimack games are held on Saturday mornings between 8am and  3:30 pm (last game starting at 2pm).
  • Referees are used in age groups starting at U10- U19.
  • Spring Season begins each April and games are held at Kollsman/Elbit field and  younger groups at Reeds Ferry School.  
  • Fall Season begins in September and games are held at Reeds Ferry Fields.
  • New refs will start as an Assistant Referee (AR1) working with an experienced Center Ref & AR.
  • Assignments are released on Sunday’s and must be accepted by Wednesday 6pm for the upcoming weekend.  
  • If you are a Rec player and a referee, you will not be assigned as a Center Ref for your own age group. 

Any questions contact: 

MYA Referee Coordinator