Merrimack Soccer Fields

Bishop Fields

 178 Baboosic Lake Road. Bishop Field is located in front of Merrimack Middle School on the  corner of Baboosic Lake Road and Madeline Bennett Drive The Field contains a  soccer and lacrosse field. (OPEN)

Gibson Fields

10 Atherton Road  (behind the Dept of Public  Works Garage). (CLOSED)

Kollsman Fields

220 Daniel Webster Highway. Located across from Budweiser. (OPEN)

Middle School Fields (MMS)

Reeds Ferry Fields

15 Lyons Road.  This site has five soccer fields, one youth baseball field, two  softball fields, and one lacrosse field. there are a total of 7 fields  consisting of Soccer, Little League Baseball, Softball and lacrosse  Fields.  (OPEN)

Twardowsky Fields

 50 Amherst Road.  It features 2 Soccer Fields and a Softball Field.  (OPEN)