Parent's Corner


Parent Code of Conduct


A substantial goal of the Merrimack Youth Association (MYA) Soccer Club program is to provide an opportunity for the children of Merrimack to learn and develop soccer skills, have fun, and to build and maintain social relationships, and that success is measured in player development, effort and enjoyment, and not solely on individual success and / or the outcome of a game.  Therefore, as a parent of a player within the MYA Soccer Club, I agree: 

•I will promote team play and stress the importance of cooperation with coaches and teammates.  

 •I will never engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any referee, coach, player, parent or any other person including, but not limited to: words or conduct criticizing referees or coaching decisions, words or conduct criticizing players. 

  •I will not use profanity or other abusive language at any MYA Soccer Club sanctioned event.  

 •I will never engage in any behavior or practice that would endanger the health or well-being of any participant or spectator at any MYA Soccer Club sanctioned event, including physical or verbal attacks.  

 •I will not use or possess alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons while attending a MYA Soccer Club match or practice.  

 •I will not under any circumstances shout abusively at my child or any other child or referee. 

  •I will not dispute any call made by a referee or other official.  

 •I will not coach or provide other guidance to any player from the sideline during any MYA Soccer Club match and understand that it is solely the responsibility of the coaches to provide instructional input during games.  

 •I will respect the facilities at our opponents grounds and those of Merrimack fields.  

 •I will promote an atmosphere of respect and will not make or disseminate critical or derogatory remarks (including by email or other electronic media) that are intended to harm, or would have the reasonably likely effect of harming, another’s reputation or standing in the community.   

  •I agree to handle any issues or complaints that I may have in a constructive manner, and in a private setting that is appropriate under the circumstances.     

 I understand that the MYA Soccer  Club is not a "drop and go" program and requires that my child must have an adult responsible for them at all times during practices and games. Should I need to leave a practice or game for a short time, I will first connect with the team coach or an MYA Soccer board member prior to the first practice or game to confirm that my contact information is up to date or confirm with them that another adult can account for my child should an emergency arise.    

 I understand that if I personally observe actions by others that are inconsistent with this Code of Conduct, I may report such actions by contacting any MYA Soccer Club board member.  I further understand that I may make such a report and request that my identity be kept confidential and with the exception of a legal requirement to disclose my identity the MYA Soccer Club will scrupulously honor my request for anonymity.    

 I understand that I am responsible for the conduct of any family member or guest attending the MYA Soccer Club sanctioned event and failure to abide by the terms set forth in this code is subject to disciplinary action by MYA Soccer Club, up to and including suspension or termination from the program, without refund of participation or other fees.