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Coaches Code of Conduct

 MYA Soccer Coach Code of Conduct

ZERO Tolerance

  • All persons wishing to coach must have an approved KidSafe account. No potential coach shall receive a player roster or be allowed to coach without an approved Kidsafe account.  
  •  No Coach should conduct a practice without at least one other adult being present (assistant coach or parent).  
  •  No player is allowed to be left alone on the field.  
  •  All electronic communication between a coach and a player must include a player's parent/guardian.
  •  Coaches are expected to be present at all games and practices. If absent, coaches must provide the name of their substitute to their age group coordinators and players parents. 
  • Yelling, criticising, harassing, intimidating, sarcasm and/or feedback directed at the Referee is strictly prohibited both during and after games.  
  • Vulgar, degrading, obscene language and conduct including yelling, hollering, and screaming negative comments will not be allowed. 
  • Encouragement of unsafe play, foul conduct, and/or cheating is prohibited. 
  • The use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs during MYA activities, including practices is prohibited.  
  •  If coaches have questions regarding particular calls, rules, or a referee, or wish to give feedback regarding a spectator, referee, parent or fellow coach, please contact the Rec Director at    Failure to comply with any of the above is grounds for immediate dismissal from the field and expulsion from the program.                                                       Safety
  •  It is recommended coaches become certified in basic first aid and be prepared to handle first aid situations and medical emergencies at all practices and games.   
  • Inspect players’ equipment and field conditions for safety reasons prior to any practices and games. Notify division coordinators immediately about any hazards in your practice or playing fields.   
  • Instruct players regarding safe techniques and methods of play. Supervise your players to avoid injury situations if possible.                                               Ethics
  •  Be a positive role model.  
  •  Treat referees with respect and accept any decision given and expect the same from both players and spectators.   
  • Set the standard for sportsmanship by stressing fair play whether winning or losing with opponents, referees, administrators, and spectators.  
  • Do not run up the score. Doing so discourages players. Tips on how to balance out play are posted on the MYA Soccer website under the Coach’s Section.  
  • Know and follow all rules and policies set forth by the MYA and/or travel leagues, as well as state and national associations.  
  • Work in the spirit of cooperation with officials, administrators, coaches, and spectators to provide all participants with the maximum opportunity to develop.  
  • Know and understand the Laws of the Game posted on the MYA Soccer website under the Coach’s Section.  
  • Continue your own education in the sport to improve your skills as a coach.  
  • Use of email and phone calls are the preferred and encouraged forms of communications with parents/players. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) are not encouraged forms to communicate with your players and their parents.                               Player Development
  • Keep the importance of winning and losing in proper perspective and develop the players’ appreciation of the game.  
  • Be sensitive to each child’s development needs and allow players to experience all field positions.  
  • The goal is for players to have fun and receive positive feedback. Practice should be conducted in the spirit of enjoyment and learning.   
  • Provide appropriate number and length of practice sessions according to the players’ stage of development.  
  • Educate the players to the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game for their level of play. 
  • Strive to help each player reach his or her full potential and be prepared to move to the next level.

Warm up guidelines

FIFA 11+ Warm up guidelines


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