The 2019 Fall Season Begins September 2019


The start of the Fall season will begin in September 7th 2019.

What is Recreation Soccer?


The  Merrimack Youth Soccer League (MYA) is a recreational, non-profit,  volunteer organization that teaches basic soccer skills to children under 4  to 19 years old.  

MYA  is open to all children within the appropriate age group, regardless of  previous soccer experience or skill level.  It operates on the  principles of sportsmanship, fair play, adherence to the rules of  soccer, and healthy competition.

What is...Recreational Soccer?
Recreational  soccer is that soccer program that is primarily devoted to the  enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on  travel or high-level competition. The purpose of recreational soccer is  to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the  sport and develop life skills including a lifelong love of the game.

Recreational Player? A player who is randomly assigned to a team without regard to his/her abilities and skills.

Recreational Team?Teams formed randomly to play soccer.

Goals/Objectives of Merrimack Recreational Soccer:

Foster a positive sporting experience for players with a wide range of experience and skills at all levels

Institute basic soccer skills through dynamic practice sessions, guided by volunteer coaches.

Have fun!

You can coach!  We NEED coaching volunteers to help with the program. Worried  you don't have enough "soccer know-how" to help as a volunteer coach?  Don't be! We will provide you the tools to maximize the benefit to our  players.  Please contact: